For any queries, please read our responses to frequently asked questions below. If you still would like to ask us something, please use the contact form below. More FAQs will be published soon!

When can I camp?

Camping is available from Friday 15th July 5pm to Monday 18th July 12pm for those who have bought a camping festival ticket.


What time does the site open and close?

The festival site will be open from Friday 15th July at 5pm until Monday 18th July at 12pm. The festival arena will be open on Friday 15th July 5pm-2am, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 10am-2am and Monday 18th July 9am-12pm.


Can I bring cooking equipment?

No, sadly it’s a fire risk that we can’t have. We have a number of well-priced vendors that will be keeping you fed throughout the weekend.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

Per person you can bring a 350ml bottle of 1 spirit/ 6 cans of beer/ 750ml of wine. Alcohol can only be brought in on first entry and must be decanted out of glass receptacles into plastic. Excess alcohol will be confiscated and forfeited by our Security team.


Can I bring a campervan?

Yes! Please make sure to buy the campervan/ gold campervan pitch ticket that also includes a festival ticket for 1 person. If multiple people are staying the campervan, as long as 1 member of the group has bought a campervan ticket, the rest can purchase a normal festival ticket. 


How do I pay for parking?

We will be uploading a link to pay for parking shortly. We advise people to pay before arrival but, if this is not possible, payments will be taken at the festival site.


Do you have shower facilities?

Yes! There will be showers on site that are available at a reasonable price for all festival-goers.


I have a disability, how accessible is the festival site?

We are passionate to incorporate fair opportunities and accessibility in all aspects of our festival. The festival site has been designed to meet the needs of all abilities, including suitable infrastructure in place to accommodate all physical abilities. Please send an email to 42degreeslogistics@gmail.com and include your name, booking reference if applicable, and a brief explanation of which facilities you require to be accessible and why you need accessible facilities (personal assistant, accessible camping, accessible parking, viewing platform) to attend the festival. This does not need to include detailed medical or personal details. If you have any special requests or requirements please do include them. For more info, please read our Accessibility Pack.


Can we make a campfire near our tent?

No, sadly fires are not allowed on the festival area/ campsite. 


Can we cook food in our camper van?

Unfortunately not. Your campervans will not have power and no LPG gas is allowed on site. 


Will there be electricity on-site?

No, so if you want to charge your mobile devices, make sure to bring portable phone chargers! Campervan pitches also do not include electricity.


How can I get help to find lost property?

The festival site will have clear signage for the Staff Tent where you will be able to find your lost property.


What is your environmental policy?

We are very grateful to host our festival in the beautiful Lake District and are very passionate about reducing the impact we have on our surrounding environment. We therefore have two dedicated Sustainability Officers that have compiled, and are putting into practice, our ‘Sustainability Pledge’. You can read our full pledge via our sustainability page.


What food will be available at the festival?

A variety of local food stalls will be on site throughout the festival, supplying breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will be releasing information on each food stall closer to the festival.


Can I bring my own food?

Yes, but on your first entry only. Be mindful of what you bring, depending on how warm the weather is! Just a reminder that you cannot bring food that requires cooking, even if you are camping in a camper van.


Can I bring my child?

Unfortunately not, the festival is 18+.


What are the payment options for food? Card, cash etc



Can I get a refund for my ticket if I can't make it?

We are sadly unable to accept refunds but are happy for tickets to be exchanged to a different person. Please make sure to contact 42degreeslogistics@gmail.com if a change is made to the ticket-holder name.


How do I get to and from the festival?

Details on how to get to and from the festival can be found on the ‘About’ section of our website, under ‘Location’.


What should i bring to the festival?

Your fine selves and some friends to party with! We have also compiled a list of things that we think will make your 42 Degrees festival experience even more special:

Wellies/ suitable footwear

Waterproofs + sunscreen (you never quite know what the weather will be in the Lakes!)

Card and cash for payments

Yoga mat if you want to use this for the yoga class

Suitable clothing for yoga class/ dance workshop

Up to 350ml bottle of 1 spirit/ 6 cans of beer/ 750ml of wine per person - please ensure this is in a plastic bottle, no glass on site

Proof of ID (only 18+ allowed on site)

A tent if you’re camping (there’s always one…)

Proof of ticket confirmation

Glitter - but make it biodegradable


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